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Affordable family lawyers Blacktown can assist you with all aspects of family law. The affordable assistance we provide includes formalising agreements and court representation.

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Services We Provide As a Family lawyer Blacktown

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Parenting Disputes

The court will want to make sure proper arrangements have been made for the children before allowing the divorce.

The law encourages parents to try to agree about parenting after the relationship has ended. The court’s primary concern is making decisions in the children’s best interest.

You are required to go to family dispute resolution before applying to court for a parenting order.

The law covers care and welfare arrangements for children, between their parents and other carers. Separation, divorce or re-marriage does not change your duties and responsibilities as a parent.

The main concern of the law is to make sure the best interest of children are met. This includes having the benefit of both parents’ meaningful involvement in their lives and that they are protected from physical or psychological harm.

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Alternative Avenues to Court

Where possible, resolving a dispute outside of the courts can be the most beneficial process for all parties involved. 

Dispute resolution mechanisms are designed to assist individuals in resolving their disputes without the involvement of court.

The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court utilise these mechanism as they are often time and cost efficient, affordable and easier to understand than court. Dispute resolution allows you to maintain greater control and management of your case, and the overall outcome. Read about family law

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Child Support

A marriage or relationship breakdown is even more challenging when children are involved. Even if the choice to divorce is right for you, the law wants to ensure your children’s rights are protected. That’s why it’s important to have experienced, understanding and affordable family lawyer in Blacktown on your side. 

Parents are responsible for the financial support of their children. This responsibility is unaffected by:

  1. separation and divorce
  2. where the child lives or the amount of time they spend with a parent
  3. the remarriage of one or both parents

Child support agreements are dependants on a parent’s income, living arrangements and the number of children under the household.

A child support agreement can be made outside of court, though if it does progress to court, at Eckert Legal our family lawyers Blacktown – will provide the strong representation you deserve. 

Other Practice Areas 


Going through divorce can be difficult, no matter the circumstances. Eckert legal understands this and always works towards the best possible end result. 

Parent Orderings

Eckert Legal always handles family law matters with the upmost integrity and understanding, including court ordered parenting arrangements.

Property Settlements

Our expertise in property settlement ensures you willl have a fair and even outcome while protecting your interests.

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Why should I choose a lawyer in Blacktown for my family law issues?

Choosing a local lawyer in Blacktown ensures that you have convenient access to legal support and representation. Local lawyers are also familiar with the local courts and legal system, which can be beneficial for your case.

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How can a divorce lawyer in Blacktown help me with my divorce proceedings?

A divorce lawyer in Blacktown will guide you through the entire divorce process, from filing the application to finalizing the terms of your divorce. They can also help resolve disputes related to parenting orders, property division, spousal maintenance, and child support.

What should I expect during my first consultation with a family lawyer in Blacktown?

During your initial consultation, the lawyer will discuss the details of your case, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with an overview of your legal options and the possible outcomes.

How is child custody determined by a family lawyer in Blacktown?

Child custody is determined based on the best interests of the child. A family lawyer in Blacktown can help negotiate a parenting order or a parenting  plan or represent you in court to ensure that the child’s welfare is the top priority.

Can a divorce lawyer in Blacktown handle complex asset divisions?

Yes, a divorce lawyer in Blacktown is equipped to handle complex asset divisions, including businesses, investments, and superannuation. They can provide strategic advice to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of assets.

What are the benefits of hiring a lawyer in Blacktown for a separation agreement?

A lawyer in Blacktown can ensure that your separation agreement is legally binding and covers all necessary aspects, such as property division, child support, and parenting arrangements, protecting your rights and interests.