Criminal Law

If you have been charged with a criminal offence or are the victim of one, Eckert Legal has your next best move in mind. Our affordable services can help you today. 

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Our Criminal Law Services

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We can help you negotiate and process bail for your offence. 

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Traffic Offences

Theses are one of the most common offences and we can help you resolve traffic violations quickly and efficiently. 

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RMS Licence Appeals

When your driver’s licence has been suspended or revoked by the RMS, our team ca assist you in filing your appeal and obtaining the best possible solution. 

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Section 10 - No Conviction

Under section 10 Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999, a court can order the dismissal of charges without recording a conviction. Our team can assist you with the legal processes of S10. 

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Drunk Driving and Loss of License

If you are caught driving with BAC (Blood or Breathe Alcohol Concentration) that is over the legal limit, you will be faced with penalties such as heavy fines, loss of licence or imprisonment. We can help you resolve drunk driving issues and apply for minimal penalties. 

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Sex Offences and Indecent Assault

These are sensitive offences and need to be dealt with extreme caution. Our team can help you handle these cases while protecting your reputation. 

Other Practice Areas 


Going through divorce can be difficult, no matter the circumstances. Eckert legal understands this and always works towards the best possible end result. 

Parent Orderings

Eckert Legal always handles family law matters with the upmost integrity and understanding, including court ordered parenting arrangements.

Property Settlements

Our expertise in property settlement ensures you will have a fair and even outcome while protecting your interests.

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