Building & Construction

Our team of lawyers provide assistance to all participants in the building &construction industry, from consumers to builders. Given that building projects ofteninvolve complex legal issues and considerable quantum of money, it is crucial toreceive high-quality legal assistance at all times.

Eckert Legal’s building and construction lawyers can provide you with assistance with:

  • Building Contract Review
  • Building Contract Dispute
  • Construction Litigation
  • Warranty Claim
  • Debt Recovery

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Other Practice Areas 


Going through divorce can be difficult, no matter the circumstances. Eckert legal understands this and always works towards the best possible end result. 

Parent Orderings

Eckert Legal always handles family law matters with the upmost integrity and understanding, including court ordered parenting arrangements.

Property Settlements

Our expertise in property settlement ensures you will have a fair and even outcome while protecting your interests.

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