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Divorce Lawyer Sydney

Facing divorce can be daunting, filled with complex legal details and overwhelming emotions. At Eckert Legal, our Sydney divorce lawyers are here to help you navigate this challenging time with compassionate guidance and skilled representation. 

We understand that no two divorces are alike. Our Sydney divorce lawyers offer personalised solutions for complex situations. We strive to remove legal hurdles in your path.

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Stages of A Divorce


The Date of Final Separation

The first stage of a divorce is usually confirmed by the last separation date. This is the turning point when the couple separates and starts leading another life. Emotions can run high during this stage as both parties become aware of reality. Establishing this deadline, which may affect the division of the assets as well as other legal matters, is critical.


After the decision to divorce has been made, the next step is to file a divorce application with the appropriate courts. With this pleading, the divorce process starts and states the grounds of the divorce, such as incompatibility. Filling out the divorce papers is not as easy as it may seem. You have to give it careful thought and pay attention to the details.



The next step of the process is to serve the application for divorce on the other party. This entails transmitting a copy of the application and relevant files to the ex-spouse via a legally defined channel. Service provides that people know the divorce proceedings and have the right to present their views and to respond to the charges mentioned in the application. It’s a crucial step in the procedure, and it resembles a legal requirement.


Court hearing

After the divorce application is served and the relevant replies have been filed, the case will be scheduled for a hearing at a court. During this court hearing, both parties will plead their case before the judge, who will make a ruling regarding matters ranging from child custody to asset division to spousal support. The court hearing can be very traumatic and emotional because it is hard for people to go through the whole process of breaking up a marriage.


Divorce Order

After the divorce process has been completed, the court will issue a divorce order. Legally, this document ends the marriage and outlines the terms of the divorce, including any agreements reached between the parties or court decisions. Following the divorce order, both parties can move forward with their lives independently. This momentous occasion signifies the close of one chapter and the start of a new one.

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How to Apply for a Divorce in Sydney?

Dissolving a marriage can be an emotionally charged process, but navigating the legal steps doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Eckert Legal offers expert guidance and support throughout your divorce journey. Our divorce lawyer in Sydney will help you achieve a smooth and efficient outcome. Here’s a simplified overview:

Need to speak a lawyer?

If you need legal counselling or representation, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team of lawyers offers the guidance and support you need. Whether you are facing a divorce, a criminal charge, or any other legal issue, we are devoted

Frequently asked questions about divorce

Can I remarry before my divorce becomes final?

You can only get married once your divorce process is over. Getting married before your divorce is legally completed would be considered a bigamist, which is a crime in many jurisdictions. You must wait until the divorce decree is finalised and your marital status is officially changed before marriage.

Do I have to attend the divorce hearing?

Attending the divorce hearing is usually optional. However, consider the possibility of your attendance being required by the court, especially if the hearing is not going very well and the judge wants to hear from both parties. It is of primary importance to abide by the court orders and attend the hearing at the scheduled time to protect your interests.

What are divorce papers?

Divorce papers, otherwise referred to as divorce documents or divorce forms, are legal papers that trigger and conclude the entire divorce proceedings. The divorce filing usually consists of a petition or complaint, which states the grounds for divorce and the requested reliefs, as well as other documents, such as financial disclosures and custody agreements.

The legal definition of a spouse can differ from state (jurisdiction) to state, but it generally refers to an individual who is legally married to another person. Spousal rights and obligations, including property rights, inheritance rights, and spousal support, are often regulated by the laws of the state or country where the marriage happened.

What is a dissolution of marriage?

Dissolution of marriage is a legal process for breaking the bond between husband and wife. It includes the settlement of matters like the division of communal property, kids’ sustenance, and spousal support. One or both spouses may file for a dissolution of marriage at the court, and the process begins.

Where do I get a Divorce Application form?

The required divorce application forms are usually issued by the family court in the jurisdiction in which you reside. Alternatively, you might be able to obtain the form from the court’s website or through legal aid organisations. Be vigilant about using the appropriate forms and observing the court’s specified procedures for your location.