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We strive to represent each client to the best of our ability, while making ethical and sound legal decisions.

At Eckert Legal we uphold the following core values.

Our Family Law Firm’s Core Values


Integrity: Our law practice is built upon an unwavering commitment to the highest personal and professional ethical standards.  Our goal is to inspire the trust of our clients, our colleagues, and members of the judiciary by always conducting ourselves professionally, and courteously.


Respect:  We believe that all parties to a legal proceeding-clients, opposing counsel/parties, and court personnel-are entitled to be treated with respect at all times.  We strive to maintain civility and collegiality in all of our communications and interactions with others.


Excellence:  At Eckert Legal we maintain a lifelong devotion to learning and professional development as part of our commitment to delivering value-added legal services to our clients, and to better provide strategic solutions to clients to accomplish their goals.


Fees: We understand that most of our clients engage a solicitor out of necessity, not because they can afford one. We accept Legal Aid clients.


Contact us by phone or visit us at our Blacktown office for all your legal needs. We specialise in Family Law, divorce settlements, parenting orders, AVOs, traffic offences, Wills and Power of Attorney.

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